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Let's create together!

My mission is to inspire as many people as possible to allow themselves to take some me-time, get away from their hectic lives and take some time to fully recharge. In this busy life that happens for a large part online, we are more and more in need of true real life connections both with ourselves as with other like-minded people. I believe that by working together, collaborating and sharing my knowledge we can bring even more transformational retreats to people.

Check out the below options to work with me!

or get in touch immediately: fill the contact form

Do you (want to) organize retreats yourself and want to make use of my expertise and experience? Check out the options to get my guiding via the button below.
Whether you're a coach, (yoga-) teacher or other facilitator or a venue, I am always open to new collaborations to create something magical.
Corporate/do it for you
Do you just want to host a retreat without the hastle of organizing? You can hire me as your retreat planner so you can just enjoy the retreat with your teams and/or participants.
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