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I am Maartje, Founder of Recharge Getaways. My goal is to create transformational getaways, allolwing people to completely recharge their batteries and get home with new inspiration. Hence the name Recharge Getaways. And that is not only by organising retreats myself in different collaborations, I help others organise their dream retreat!


On this page I will tell you a bit more about me and my story!

All About Me

I've had the dream of owning my own retreat venue and hosting retreats there for YEARS. I have a passion for personal development, traveling, healthy food, yoga, mindfullness and design and I wanted to share this with others. I tried different ways before like writing a food and travel blog and organizing workshops, but at some point it all just clicked. Retreats are the place where all of my passions and my organization skills are brought into one and I get to share it with others! 


I just didn't know where to start... I had a very strong vision of what a successful retreat venue should look like. Backed up by my experience in visiting other events, traveling and going to venues and seeing how I could add value. However, I was struggling with my confidence. I mean, I knew I had great skills and knowledge but I had never even hosted a retreat before! I had major imposter syndrome, who was I to organize retreats? Let alone built a retreat venue? It seemed like such a big step.


I was putting actually starting off for months and these months turned into years...  I made the dream so big that it was unrealistic in my head. A mountain too high to climb. I thought, one day when I have a lot of money I will realize it... I basically let go of my dream.


Until a moment where it all changed. I was deepdiving in visualizing and manifesting and I came to the realization that in this way of thinking I would never make that dream happen! I realized it was time to start chasing my dreams and started visualizing and writing my plan. In really small steps that made it all feel way less heavy and big. I decided to host my first retreat by just renting out a venue for one week.

And in that same week I saw a message from Denise on social media, someone I met in yoga classes years earlier and who was now a fulltime yoga teacher looking for retreats to teach at. That could not have been a coincidence haha! We quickly met up and figured out we had a similar vision for retreats and so in just a matter of weeks we set up our first retreat in Portugal. Eeeeek!

It was a huge succes! Profitable? Not that much just yet. Lessons learned? A TON! Had fun? For sure!

This first retreat tasted like more and I basically got obsessed with figuring out what leads to succesful retreats. Things like creating a tranforming programme for the participants, determining the ideal price (that leads to profit), preparing a day-to-day planning to run the retreat itself smoothly and designing visuals and a market strategy that sells. That has led to a SOLD OUT second event within 1 month only.

And much more to come! I get to realize my dreams and share that with you and I know for sure that I am working towards that beautiful location I am going to built myself. But untill that time I've developed a talent for finding the most stunning estatically pleasing luxurious venues for you to really recharge your battery. Because the end goal is really to see the happy, rested and inspired faces at the end of the retreat. Realizing life-changing insights by creating a tranformational retreat in the most stunning places is the most rewarding thing!

I happy to invite you to one of the retreats I am organizing. I partner with different amazing people to create different types, while keeping the Recharge Getaways luxury and comfort standards in place. In that way there is always a retreat that fits your needs! Check out the retreat overview page for more info on the already planned retreats.

Are you planning your own retreat and are you looking to collaborate or make use of my expertise? Please see this page for more information.

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