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Let's create magic together

I truly believe that collaborations can create an even greater uplevel at the retreats!

Are you ready to organize retreats for your network and are you looking for a partner in crime? Or do you have a venue that screams to have retreats there? Or maybe you offer a service that is of great value at one of the retreats?

Join my mission to give people that transformation a retreat can bring. A day, weekend, or week where they are able to full recharge their mind, body and soul. Making them go home with a full battery on every level, a bunch of inspiration, (new) insights and new friends!

Facilitators, teachers and coaches
Do your eyes light up when you read about my mission? Are you ready to be part of the retreats at Recharge Getaways?
 Over the years I have been able to gather a beautiful group of people around me that I collaborate with on the Recharge Getaways retreats. Collaborations where our missions align and we share the same vision for retreats. But I am always open for more unique collaborations and put amazing retreat concepts out there! I believe that there is a retreat for everyone so I have a lot of more concepts up my sleeve... 
Can you say yes to (one of) the following statements:
  • Do you align with the mission and vision of Recharge Getaways?
  • Are you a (yoga-) teacher, coach, business owner or other type of facilitator with an existing client base that loves to join your retreats?
  • Do you want to host retreats but are looking for an organization and planning partner in crime?
  • Have your clients have been asking you to organize retreats?
  • Do you have an amazing unique concept for a retreat?
  • Are you a (retreat-)photographer, chef, masseuse or do you offer any other services that might be of great added value to a retreat?
If you answered YES on at least two of these questions a collaboration between us might be a wonderful thing! Let's chat and see if there's a fit from both sides and who knows what magical things we will create together in the future :) You can plan a free call (no commitments!) to get to know each other.
Do you want to do the full organization of your retreat yourself but need some guidance, maybe my coaching is something for you. You can check it out here.
Do you just want to host retreats without all the hastle of organizing and planning? I also offer do-it-for-you services where you can hire me as your retreat planner! Click this link to get more info about hiring me.
 For me the venue is one of the most important parts of a retreat that allows the participants to fully recharge. As you might have seen on the retreat and home page already Recharge Getaways also means luxury, comfort and beautiful easthetics. I am going for that unique venue that looks stunning (yes also on the pictures, I mean people buy on the visuals ;)) but also offer a unique experience whether that is the location, the type of rooms or the facilities at the venue.
Do you have a venue that resonates with our vision?
Would you like to fill your low/mid season availability with retreats?
Things we are looking for in a venue:
  • Minimum 14 beds, spread over at least 7 rooms.
  • At least 5 bathrooms
  • Beautiful, luxurious design. Stunning aesthetics.
  • Stunning views are a major plus
  • A swimming pool and/or any type or spa facilities
  • Maximum 1-hour drive from an international airport
  • Enough space to come together with the whole group outside and inside (in case of bad weather) for both dinners and yoga/meditation practices.
  • Very well-equiped kithcen to cook ourselves or offerings of affordable healthy (plantbased) catering
Would you like to discuss working together and me hosting a retreat at your venue and/or shortlisting your venue for my retreat coachees? Feel free to book a call to discuss collaborating or send an e-mail to with all the info about your retreat (please includes low/mid season prices with that)
What others say about collaborating with me
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