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Feeling overwhelmed?

Maybe you even feel a little stuck sometimes?

Are you in need of some real me-time?

Join us on one of our retreats and allow yourself to escape from the stresses of daily life and fully recharge mind, body and soul! Whether you are joining us for a sunny week in Spain or a weekend closer to home, our intent is to take care of everything for you. From the moment you arrive you don't have to think about anything. Just unwind and discover... If you would like to get in touch immediately I invite you to plan a call via the button below. Otherwise in invite you to explore the retreats!

Well deserved me-time

Connect with yourself and with like-minded people. This time is for YOU. 

We invite you to allow yourself to get out of your head and connect with your body through the different practices we offer. 

You are at the centre at our retreats. That means you decide if you want to participate in the programme or not. You want to join every class/workshop or do you want to find a place quiet with a book? Tune in with what feels right for YOU. Everything is ok.

Delicious healthy food

Nurture your body with delicious mouth-watering healthy food, your belly will be very happy. Whether Maartje will be cooking or the venue provides for food, the meals are always healthy. Vegetarian at the base and suitable for all dietary wishes (lactose, gluten, soy, etc.). We make sure you do not have to think about what you should or shouldn't eat. All options will bring your body the recharging it needs. And no you won't be hungry ;) 

Luxury & comfort

Our vision is that when you invest in yourself by going on a retreat you should be able to fully recharge. That means also good night sleep and thus comfortable beds, but also enough facilities and a little bit of luxury to satisfy all your needs. Venues with pretty and luxurious design is what we're going for. Not only to make nice pictures ofcourse, but truly to create an enviroment where your battery can be charged.


A big part of being able to recharge is spending time outside, in nature. Nature in itself already has healing powers but we try to give it extra layers by also spending mindful time in nature. Whether that is by taking a walk in silence, doing yoga at the beach or spending time with the group around a camp fire. We select our venues to be in, or close to nature. A beach in Spain, beautiful traditional Dutch landscapes or a moody forest. The choice is yours, but nature is a central part at our retreats.

Meditation & Movement

Whathever retreat you go on with us and what the focus of the retreat is, yoga, breathwork, coaching, co-working or building your business. Part of the programme will always evolve around meditation and movement. Meditation and mindfullness to  get some headspace and clarity of where you want to go and movement to nurture the body. Both also help tremendously to reduce stress levels so it's an essential part of recharging your battery.


Retreat overview

Below you can find all the planned retreats. Every retreat is different so read through the details to find out what suits you most. Are you not sure a retreat is for you or you are convinced to join us on a retreat but are not sure which one fits best? Don't hesitate to contact me. Feel free to also book a call to discuss your wishes and see if we can find a match!

Yoga & Wellness 

March '24| Benissa Spain

Mastermind Retreat

Oct '24| Benissa Spain


New year

Jan 12-14 | Domburg NL

villa gufo.jpeg

La Dolce Vita Retreat

Sept 15-21| Ostuni Italy


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