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To the world of retreats! I am so excited that you are here. I am Maartje, Founder of Recharge Getaways.


Retreats can bring a transformational experience and litteraly change lives. How just taking a step away from daily hectic lives and immersing yourself in a beautiful retreatprogram can lead to such amazing result is amazing to me. So what is my role in all this?

Well first of all, I organise retreats. Scroll a bit down to see the retreats upcoming or click on the button to go to the overview. I would love to welcome you to one of my retreats.



I currently focus on helping other entrepreneurs and companies organise their retreats. I do that mainly through my signature 1:1 program The Retreat Academy. You can read more about working with me through the button below.

Like to know more about me and my story? Check the about page or book a call with me directly!


Recharge your battery

Join us on a getaway. We organize retreats in different shapes and forms to allow you to fully recharge body, mind and soul. We provide you with the opportunity to get away from the stresses and strains of modern-day life. Whether that's only for a few hours close to home or for a full week in a beautiful sunny location. Our goal is to make you return home fully recharged, energised and inspired to re-discover the best version of yourself! 

Discover the planned events below to find out which retreat suits you best.


Unique opportunity

Connect Retreat

April '24 | Benissa ES

detail zwembad.jpg

Coming soon

New Retreat

Oct '24 | Benissa ES

Essentie van jezelf retreat

Nov 23-30 | Malaga ES


Now live!


Luxe Business Retreat

Nov '24 | Suriname

Purpose lab retreat

March '25 | Malaga ES


Coming Soon





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